Monday, June 25, 2007

Kenilworth a Week Later

What a difference a week makes! The secondary grassy paths through the ponds were mostly dry and passable. The hardy water lilies were more in evidence.

There were many more visitors, most with easels for painting en plein air and others with tripods for serious photography. The feeling was Monet at Giverny.

Here the blue spikes of pickerelweed frame white hardy water lilies.

More lotus were in bloom but this double stood out because it was intensely, deeply pink.

This week we viewed the marsh at low tide. All of a sudden there was an indigo bunting, but he was very shy, a little flighty and this was as close as Bill could get.

This bird is so brilliantly blue that it takes your breathe away and your immediate thought is why isn't this bird home in the jungles of Brazil. In fact, it's very much at home along the eastern coast.

Volunteers working near the entrance to the gardens.

Sunday, June 24, 2007

An Allee of Weeping Willows

As one reaches the end of Broome's Island Road, one grand home is approached through an allee of weeping willows.

Battle Creek Cypress Swamp

One of the northern-most native stands of bald cypress is just below Prince Frederick, MD, at Battle Creek Cypress Swamp. The site was first preserved in 1957 by The Nature Conservancy and is now operated by Calvert County, MD.

A 1,700-foot elevated boardwalk loops through the swamp along Battle Creek (named not for a military engagement but for the town of Battle, England).

There's a visitors' center with exhibits and facilities and the admission is free.

The native Pawpaw grows beneath the cypress canapy.

In bloom along the swamp floor were Lizard's Tail.

The Lizard's Tail seemed to attract Ebony Jewelwings, a variety of damselfly. [Click on any photo for a larger view.]

Wentworth Nursery

On our way June 23 to the "Amish market" along Route 5 near Mechanicsville, MD, we stopped off at Wentworth Nursery to browse their bedding plants.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

New Townhouse Garden

In the 1200 block of V Street NW, in a complete city block of new townhouses that appear 19th century at first sight, the front yards are at least half the size of those on Capitol Hill.

Monday, June 18, 2007

Dragonfly on Water Lily Bud

Click on photo for a better view of a dragonfly perched temporarily atop a tropical water lily bud.

Kenilworth Marsh

Between the lotus and water lily ponds and the Anacostia River lies Kenilworth Marsh. A boardwalk takes you out over the marsh for a closeup view of the flora, to see the birdlife and hear the frogs.

Lotus Blooming in Kenilworth Aquatic Garden

The lotus are blooming at Kenilworth Aquatic Gardens, now through early August. We stopped by midday on Sunday, June 17, and saw less the 20 people! The Gardens are open 7 a.m. to 4 p.m. daily except Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years' Day. [Click on any photo to enlarge or right click to open photo in a new window.]

Member Bill Dean gave up the camera for one photo next to a lotus pond.

In case this year repeats last year's drought, the ponds between the headquarters and the marsh have been kept flooded and walking is limited to the major gravel pathways.

Bill got fairly close to a blue heron fishing in the flooded ponds. [Be sure to click on the heron for a close up view.]

Lotus are very invasive, now occupying just over half the ponds. Kenilworth gardeners may need to make a major intervention in the next several years to preserve the hardy water lily ponds.

The tropical water lilies are in concrete ponds immediately behind the headquarters building.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

District I Presidents' Coffee

Nelly Branson (2d from left) thanked members for her National Capital Area scholarship at the District I Presidents' Coffee, June 14. She just received a degree in landscape architecture from the University of Maryland. From l to r, District I President Ann Gardenhour (Cheverly), Branson, National Capital Area Garden Clubs President Rilla Crane, and Woodmoor Garden Club President Danielle Brabazon.

Charmane Truesdell (Montpelier) with her flower arrangement, District I President Ann Gardenhour (Cheverly) and National Garden Clubs Second Vice President Shirley Nicolai (Fergie's Gardeners).

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Plants for Adoption

Member Beth Purcell seeks a good home for:

  • Lycoris squamigera (aka magic lily, blooms in Aug.) – about 3 dozen bulbs

  • 3 clumps of Zebra grass

  • 1 clump, dwarf Pampas grass
If you are interested, please contact Beth directly (or contact us by posting a comment to this topic).

Monday, June 11, 2007

National Garden at US Botanic Garden

The National Garden, which started in 2001 and opened in 2006, at the United States Botanic Garden is presently like all those garden design programs which are all about walls, walks and water features but with little, if any, horticulture. The garden is planted but it will be several years before the horticulture begins to out show the architecture.

Our own National Capital Area Garden Clubs are among the donor pavers in the butterfly garden.

These roses added some welcome color.

Free Plants at Capital Pride

The GLBT Four Seasons Garden Club gave away free plants as part of a membership promotion at the Capital Pride Festival, June 10.

A National Fair of Botanic Gardens

Through October 8, twelve public gardens from across the United States are showcased on the east and north terraces of the United States Botanic Garden. The exhibit offers unusual plants and great ideas for mixed containers and small beds.

The Huntington Botanic Garden in San Mateo CA celebrates the 100th anniversary of its Desert Garden.

The Portland OR Japanese Garden creates a backyard garden.

The Sarah P. Duke Gardens provide a small water garden.

Friday, June 8, 2007

Carole Miller Visits DC

Former club member Carole Miller is visiting this weekend from Portland ME. Members Donna Brandes, Joyce Jones, Lorraine Fishback, Elena McGrann, David Healy and Bill Dean met with her June 7 at Thai Square in Arlington.

Thursday, June 7, 2007

Garden Party Flowers

An arrangement by Doris Celarier on the antipasto table.

Party favors on the tables.

And for Ann Erdman, sweet peas with a sprig of rosemary "for remembrance."

Garden Party Food

I think it was Napoleon who said that a garden club travels on its stomach. We were traveling so well, June 2, that there were almost no photographs of the actual feast!

The cooks included:

* Ann Erdman - Hummus
* June Schneider - Vegetables & Dip
* Gail Martin Giuffrida - Mexican Layer Appetizer
* Connie Bernard - Appetizer
* Faith Brightbill - Deviled Eggs
* Alice Cummings - Shrimp & Vegetables with Wheat Based Crackers
* Leonardo Neher - Shrimp & Dip
* Pat Taylor - Blue Cheese Crisps
* Bella and Robert Zarr - Spring Rolls
* Pat Hanrahan - Poached Salmon
* Dianne Brockett - Yogurt/ Lemon Chicken
* Dick and Carol Loewecke - Enchilada Chicken Casserole
* Mike & Deborah Charlton - Entree
* Wendy Blair - Pork Tenderloin with Sauce
* Carla Yates- Bremer and Gordon Bremer - Greek Salad, Grilled Lamb with Vegetables
* David Healy - Chilaquiles con Pollo
* Donna Brandes - Asparagus Lasagna
* Virginia Foley - 3 Cheese Lasagna
* Becky Frederiksson – Ratatouille
* Marie Hertzberg - Mushroom Salad
* Sandy Shelar - Oriental Cabbage Salad
* Elizabeth Hageman - Rice, black bean, salsa, corn salad
* Peggy Pecore - Greek Salad
* Larry Janezich - Salad/Appetizer
* Alex Belano - Pasta Couscous Salad
* Ida May Mantel - Apple/Cranberry Slaw
* Sonia Conly - Marinated Asparagus
* Janice McKenney - Cookies
* Sandra Bruce - English Trifle
* Mary Ann Sroufe - Candy
* EJ Truax - Coconut Almond Raspberry Dessert
* Sharon Hanley - Dessert
* Joyce Jones - Cake

Sunday, June 3, 2007

Annual June Garden Party

More than 70 members and guests enjoyed an elegant al fresco dinner at the home of member Blaun-Eva Brewton and her husband Hiram in their spectacular gardens, terraced down an Anacostia hillside.

The Club said farewell to long-time member Ann Erdman, who is moving to Delaware this summer, and invited her back for next year's dinner.

Death by Mussette, a duo with Michael Lease on the accordion and Todd Shelar on the mandolin and guitar, performed throughout the evening. Michael is a photographer/artist from Richmond and a self-taught accordionist. Todd is a classical guitarist and the son of Jim and Sandy. The musicians met at Frostburg State University.

President Jim Shelar announced that, despite the Eastern Market fire, arrangements have been made for the Club's annual bulb sale fundraiser to continue this fall on the Saturday farmers' line in 7th Street.