Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Nov. 11: Orchid enthusiast and judge Ken Meier of Orchid Enterprise, Inc. (above) told the November meeting that the secret of orchids was to find the right variety for the condition of your growing location. With the caveat that there was an exception to every rule, Meier's general rules were (1) always re-pot new orchids after they bloom and then once each year thereafter, (2) keep the roots moist but not wet, (3) move an orchid away from sunlight whenever the leaves are warm to the touch, (4) fertilize with evenly balanced NPK but watered down to a quarter of suggested strength, and (5) lower nighttime temperatures 20 degrees below daytime temperature for at least 3 weeks to get Phalaenopsis to bloom again. When re-potting, one should remove any deteriorated roots and any decomposed matter.

Elizabeth Eby (below r) introduced Meier. Margaret Missiaen spoke briefly about invasive vines. She said the omnipresent "bindweed" was actually a morning glory and urged everyone to dispose of seed pods before they open.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Bulb Sales

Eastern Market, Nov. 8: A sunny, warm fall day surprised workers for the bulb sale finale.