Wednesday, May 19, 2010

No Rain for Postponed Garden Walk

May 18, 2010: The May 12 garden walk was postponed one week for better weather and one week later the evening was unusually cold, very overcast but nary a drop of rain. We walked from Surroundings on Lincoln Park, down North Carolina Avenue to Turtle Park. From there we toured two backyard gardens between Turtle Park and the garden of member Lynn Church. The tour was led by Betty Hageman and Sandra Bruce.

Member Judy Hecht discussed the history of her front yard garden:

Member Jan Shea said the "grassy" area in her front yard was left to provide a play area for young neighborhood children without yards:

Emerson came out to greet the walkers; Sandra's Sugar came along on the walk:

Joe Ardizzone, fiance of the late landscaper Kim Brenegar, discussed plans to renovate this pocket park as a memorial to her:

Wendy Blair related the pitfalls of a neighborhood attempt to improve this traffic island park amidst Independence, North Carolina and 8th Street:

Crossing Independence Avenue (click lower left arrow to play):

We stopped to admire this double front yard around the corner from Eastern Market:
Muriel Martin-Wein discusses Turtle Park where the benches "disappeared" one night and the neighbors didn't call the police:

We then were invited into Joe and Nannette's back yard garden:

In the alley we waited for the key to the garden gate:
And then entered James and Chucks' more formal garden:

We ended with refreshments at the home of member Lynne Church: