Monday, May 21, 2007

Iris at Draycott Gardens

May 20, 2007-- A few more iris photographs from Carol Warner's Draycott Gardens.

Baptisia australis

May 20, 2007-- A standout at Draycott Gardens were mounds of baptisia australis in blue (blue wild indigo) and in white. Carol Warner planted both standard and miniature varieties at the same time, but several years later the miniature has yet to bloom. The blooms of the standard variety were spectuacular.

Draycott Gardens, Upperco MD

May 20, 2007-- We missed the garden club tour of Carol Warner's (the Iris Lady) Draycott Gardens, but spent an hour wandering through her various gardens on a hillside in Maryland's hunt country.
Carol said it had not been a good year for iris; January was so warm that they never really were dormant and many had been hurt be a later freeze. Nevertheless there were many, many varieties of iris either in bloom or getting ready to bloom, and rhododendrons, the last of the azaleas, lots of peonies, some lilacs, allium, columbine, bleeding heart, gladiolas, geraniums, and petunias.

Near the barn was a water garden.

[Click on photos for larger views. Photographs are by Bill Dean, unless otherwise noted.]

Saturday, May 19, 2007

It's Springtime!

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