Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Woodmoor Labyrinth

June 17: Woodmoor Garden Club chose the full moon of the summer solstice to dedicate their Community Labyrinth, which is a lunar labyrinth with its entrance and exit on the east. Unlike a maze which is intended to confuse, a labyrinth is configured to guide one from the entrance to the center and out again.

The labyrinth was a Woodmoor Garden Club project in cooperation with the Montgomery Blair High School community. The labyrinth is located on the high school grounds at the intersection of University Boulevard and Colesville Road.

The Community Labyrinth was dedicated to Linda and Leslie Rogers, who were the driving force behind the project. The project began while Linda was garden club president.

During the dedication, Woodmore president Danielle Brabazon (below right) surprised Rogers (below left) with the unveiling of a finger labyrinth to be mounted at the site so that anyone can "walk" the labyrinth. For an online finger labyrinth, go here.

“Solvitur ambulando" [It is solved by walking]--attributed to St. Augustine of Hippo.

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beforewisdom said...

I stopped by this labyrinth yesterday, 2014 August 29.

It is in a bad state of neglect.

I couldn't find the plaque mentioned in this article:

The labyrinth is overgrown to the point where it is difficult to even tell it is there is certain spots:

Looks like a knowledgeable gardener with a team of volunteers could restore it in a weekend.

Feel free to count me in.